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My newly designed website. What do you think? Xan the dragonslayer is more than happy to show you around. And by more than happy, I mean only slightly less irritated than any of the other characters I considered featuring on the site.

My hilarious and geeky series, Dice & Debauchery, has been completed. All the manuscripts are now with Ellora's Cave. The first book, Loose Corset will be released on January 9th, 2015. You can add it to your wish list here.

Can Morgan let go of her cool-headed logic and allow herself to fall completely for the perfect geek guy?

Have you seen my gorgeous cover for Of Blood and Sorrow? I'll be self-publishing my urban fantasy novel early in 2015. For those of you who liked the 13th Floor series, you're going to love this one.

Out Now

Twisted Earths.

Nine twisted stories from nine twisted worlds.

Twisted Earths is a collection of tales from Untethered Realms, a group of speculative fiction authors. The stories are as varied and rich as the types of soil on this and other planets—sandy loam, clay, knotted with roots and vines, dreaded paths through unexplored planets, and in enchanted forests, lit by candlelight and two moons.

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Coming Soon

Of Blood and Sorrow.

Erin Driscol works the perfect job consoling fellow demons by feeding off their grief at Putzkammer & Sons Funeral Home.

When fledgling vampire Nicolas Reese comes to Erin for help, she learns the truth behind the legends and hides him from his sire and the vampire hunters who seek him. But when the Putzkammers begin to die one by one, Erin is caught between her act of kindness and the need to save her adopted family. Only by facing her own personal demons can she stop the slaughter and still rescue Nicolas from his dark fate.

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