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Happy 2018! It's been a snowy start to the year, and that means lots of work is getting done. The first draft of the sequel to Of Blood and Sorrow is done, and I'm ready to start on the third and final book in the series. Both novels will be released this year. Signup for my newsletter to hear the release dates first.

I've teamed up with two other awesome authors, T.F. Walsh and A.A. Chamberlynn, and we've created a site to help promote and celebrate paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. Come check out Paranormal Candy. We'll be doing a ton of sales and giveaways throughout the year. It's a feast for the bookworm in you!

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True Shifter (Totem #9)
The final book in the thrilling urban fantasy series, TOTEM.
Three sisters, seven totems, one chance to save the world..

Saskia Dorn can't bear to lose anyone else. But when the only man she's ever loved turns his back on her, she runs off to sacrifice herself to the totem quest.

With a disgusting kiss, a dying house spirit grants her the power to shift into any creature. Yet she has neither the time to train nor the imagination to utilize the gift to its fullest. How will she manage to defeat a villain who has mastered the ability and made her the person she is? Saskia only has a few freakin' hours to figure it out. After all, the fate of every shifter in the world depends on her victory.

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"This final novella in the Totem series is amazing with its fast-paced action and heartbreaking suspense. True Shifter by Christine Rains is the perfect end to a fantastic urban fantasy series."
-Cherie Reich, author of REBORN

Coming Soon

Of Gods and Sorrow
Visiting Sasquatches, eyeballs in the kettle, and a relentless cult. Just another Tuesday for Erin Driscol.