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This new year is zipping by so quickly. There's been a lot going on with the release of the latest three books in my urban fantasy series, Totem. I'm so thrilled readers are thoroughly enjoying them. I'm working hard on finishing up the final three books.

I've teamed up with two other awesome authors, T.F. Walsh and A.A. Chamberlynn, and we've created a site to help promote and celebrate paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. Come check out Paranormal Candy. We'll be doing a ton of sales and giveaways throughout the year. It's a feast for the bookworm in you!

When my publisher closed its doors last year, I regained the rights to the nine novellas I had with them. I've re-released them exclusively on Amazon. If you like your romance a little naughtier and with a good dose of humor, these are for you.

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Shattered Spirit (Totem #4)
A haunted house isn’t going to stop Ametta Dorn from doing her job..

Frustrated that her family has left her out of the search for the missing totem tokens, Ametta Dorn loses herself in her work. She’s offered a dream job of a complete interior renovation of a famous Cremaschi house. Not even discovering the house belongs to Lucky Osberg can dampen her enthusiasm.

Lucky’s plan to spend more time with her as she works goes awry when the spirit who protects his home tries to murder her. Ametta won’t be scared off, despite being tempted to run and never come back. She was going to flee Alaska and pursue her designer dreams anyway, yet that means giving up on Lucky and the totem that is just within her grasp.

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"This novella has to be one of my favorites… it was filled with funny moments, sizzling tension, and lots of sexiness. I mean we’re dealing with a haunted house, evil spirits, and two bear shifts who just can’t see how right they are for one another." 5 stars
-T.F. Walsh, author of the Wulfkin Legacy

Ghost Cat (Totem #5)
Bigfoot is rampaging through a small fishing town, and he has friends..

The whispers say a boy is missing. Kinley Dorn can’t ignore them. The last time she did, a giant almost killed her. Her investigation in the boy’s disappearance leads her and her boyfriend, Ransom Averill, to a village on Lake Iliamna. Unfortunately, that boy isn’t the only child missing.

Some folks claim Bigfoot is taking the children, but the gentle creature usually stays away from humans. Kinley believes a totem is making Bigfoot act strangely, but can she and Ransom find it before more kids are abducted?

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"Several parts of the story tugged on my heart. Rains does an excellent job continuing the totem quest as well as introducing readers to Inuit legends such as about the ghost cat (a lynx) and the Urayuli (a bit similar to Bigfoot)." 5 stars
-Cherie Reich, author of Reborn

Deep Current (Totem #6)
Always read the fine print when making a bargain with a sea hag..

Lost to the clutches of her grief of losing her mentor, Saskia Dorn welcomes the opportunity to take down a warehouse of drug dealers. When their leader makes a break for it, Saskia and her ex-boyfriend, Sedge, chase the criminal shifter into the sea off the coast of northwestern Alaska. Not only do they lose their quarry, but a vicious sea hag snatches Sedge.

Saskia can’t take another loss and attempts to bargain for Sedge’s life and the salmon totem the witch has trapped in her cave. The sea hag wants only one thing: her long lost love. Who is dead. And living under the freaking ocean with the Salmon People. Find the Salmon People and return with the witch’s love before Sedge’s life is forfeit. Simple, right? Yet she can’t leave the Salmon People’s land without finding herself first.

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"While the fast-paced action keeps the story moving, I found the emotional side of the story to be where the real meat is." 5 stars
-Cherie Reich, author of Reborn