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It's no joke! Big Longing, the second book in my Sasquatch Susies series, is available April 1st. The edits have been finished on the third and final book. Be on the look out for it next month.

My noir inspired flash fiction piece, "Paid" was featured at Every Day Fiction earlier this year. This spring, I have two more short stories being released. "What Lay Below" is a creepy tale with a steampunk edge in Dragon Roost Press' Eldritch Embraces. "George and the Dragon" is a speculative fiction story that will be in The Thing That Turned Me, an anthology that will contain stories from many of my talented writer friends.

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Big Longing (Sasquatch Susies #2

Jill Russell never mastered the art of flirting like her sister. To get handsome nature photographer Theo James to notice her, she arranges a hike with him to find evidence of a Sasquatch in Umpqua National Forest. Thankfully Theo isn’t as shy as she is, but their steamy moment is interrupted…by Bigfoot? When Theo trips and falls into the river after they investigate hot springs and each other, Jill doesn’t hesitate to jump in to rescue him. Trapped on a rock in the whitewater, she can’t save either of them. Will their fiery kisses at the hot springs be their last?

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"Big Longing by Christine Rains is a fun, quick read perfect for people who like a splash of paranormal with their adult romances."
- 5 stars from Cherie Reich, author of Reborn

Coming Soon

Big Burning (Sasquatch Susies #3)

Life for Susie Russell couldn't be better. Her lingerie business won international fame and her sister had found irrefutable proof of Bigfoot's existence. So confident about the authenticity of their evidence, Susie even agrees to let a skeptic join their group on a research exhibition near Mt. Hood. Her world comes crashing down when the man who broke her heart turns around to shake her hand. Brach Stevens might be smart and gorgeous, but Susie refuses to let him so easily charm his way back into her life. Their trek into the woods turns deadly when they're trapped by a forest fire. Will they be able to escape the hungry flames or will Susie perish without letting Brach know she still and has always loved him?